Edlyn & Jason’s Holiday Inn Clearwater Beach Wedding

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Fun.  We knew that Edlyn and Jason’s day was going to be all about fun.  Brian and I hit it off right away with this adorable couple when we worked with them at Sunset Beach in St Petersburg for their engagement session.  We started out their day as Edlyn and her bridesmaids as they were hard at work making themselves perfect for the big day.  When it was time for Edlyn to get into her dress, we made our way to find Jason and his groomsmen for some quick casual photography.  They were all ready to go and so were we, after some shared laughter with the guys and some handsome images we were back with Edlyn for some images of her and her ladies.  Then it was down to the waterfront deck for ceremony.  The light was softened a bit with a few puffy clouds that made for a great backdrop.  Wes Morris kept the fun theme going with a playful yet thoughtful ceremony.  Family portraits were followed by more fun as the famed “pirate” ship sailed past and the guys quickly took up Captain Morgan poses.  We then moved on to more serious quiet time with the newlyweds and even found a strip of beach to complete the beach feel of the day.  We then turned it all over to Nancy and her staff at the Holiday Inn as well as Michael Planas from Grant Hemond and Associates.  Michael kept the high energy flowing and the dance floor moving throughout the night.  Smiles and laughter were abundant as friends and family shared Edlyn and Jason’s special day with them.  Enjoy their sneak peek!


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